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We offer to you a small part of the history of Dubrovnik City!

Dubrovnik’s history witnesses the changing fortune of a borderland Mediterranean city state that for centuries lived in harmony with its surroundings. Originally called Ragusa, the city was founded in the 7th century as a refuge for coastal residents fleeing the advancing barbarians. From the outset, the city was protected by defensive walls. The borderland status of the town was to be a determining factor in its history. Part of the Mediterranean cultural constellation, yet intimately connected to the Balkans. Catholic yet surrounded by Islamic and Orthodox neighbours.

The new city state used its status as a crossroads between cultures and civilisations. The city thrived through extensive trade with other maritime ports such as Genoa, Pisa and Venice. Its continental trade networks also extended its reach into the Balkans with the Ottoman Empire. At the beginning of the 13th century, Dubrovnik fell under control of the most Serene republic, staying under its control until 1358.

Alen Skaljic
Manager of Dubrovnik Accomodation’s

Dino Skaljic
Manager of Dubrovnik Accomodation’s

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